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Assessed via the Settings menu which is available by clicking on the icon (  ) located in the the top-right of the application.

Company Profile

Updating a company logo

Activating Business Hours

Company information is stored in the application for use in the application.  There are three informational areas that make up the company profile as follows :

Company Address

This is the main address of the company.

Company Logo

This is the company logo, which is added to outgoing posts from the application.  This can be uploaded via a supplied file into the application ( See Supported Formats ).

Business Hours

This is an optional part of the company profile as indicated by a slider.

If active, standard company working hours can be entered for each day of the week. These are used as part of the Performance Metrics. A summation of the current business hours is displayed on the left of the page below the company logo.

Updating a company logo

  1. Select the Company Profile option from the Settings menu.
  2. Click the Browse button
  3. Select the file containing the company image to be uploaded. A preview of the image is displayed.  If the image is too big, then a frame is displayed allowing for a section of the image to be selected. ( See Supported Formats )
  4. Click Save to confirm.

The application stores the updated image and the display is updated.

Activating Business Hours

  1. Select the Company Profile option from the Settings menu.
  2. Ensure that the Business Hours slider is set to ON.
  3. Select the day of the week to be updated by clicking in the appropriate title.
  4. Select the opening and closing times by using the up/down arrows that are above and below the hours and minutes of the times.
  5. Click Save to confirm.

The application stores the updated information and the display is updated.

How to switch between the Days of the Week

The business hours for each day are displayed on separate panels.  The title of the panels is displayed below the Business Hours on/off slider, with the title of the currently displayed panel shown in bold and underlined.

To change the displayed day of the week panel the appropriate title should be clicked. 


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