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Assessed via the Settings menu which is available by clicking on the icon (  ) located in the the top-right of the application, the settings menu is the place to go for creating and configuring the various elements that are used to create the user experience.

Once clicked the settings menu is displayed, which is broken down into distinct sections (Workspace settings, Global settings and Application exit), displayed under the user image and company name.

Workspace Settings

Changing the active workspace

Changing the active workspace is achieved by selecting the appropriate workspace from the list of provided workspaces.  The list contains all workspaces that the current user has access to, allowing selection to be quick and simple.

Social Accounts

These are a number of external channels what are monitored, with data captured for interaction and/or analytical interrogation within the application. There are a number of account types available with more coming in the future. Adding these into the application allows the application to show an insight into the social presence of the workspace. 

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A role is used to provide succinct access to correct areas of the application. These are then allocated to the users, providing fast navigation to the areas of the application that are applicable to their needs, whilst also allowing for the ability to inhibit access to critical and/or sensitive areas.

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An Automation is a set of actions that will be done to an inbound message if it meets ALL of the triggering criteria. Once a automation has been created it then needs to be linked to one or more streams on which the automation will operate. 

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Tags may be used within the application to mark captured informational record from monitored channels so they can be filtered and grouped together for collective analysis and/or engagement.  Multiple tags may be given to a single record as required, allowing for a single piece of information to be interrogated from multiple viewpoints.  Tags can be added into the application in either a flat or nested structure, allowing the filtering to be as simple or as complex as requirements dictate.

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Global Settings

Company Profile

Company static information is stored in the application for use in various areas of the application.  Within this setting is also the ability to pull in a company image and optionally provide business hours, which are used for SLA compliance.

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These are the individuals that make use of the application as part of their work function.  This function can be anything from full interaction with social users via the application inbox, to casual statistical review via the application metrics, or somewhere in-between. These specific needs are met by the setting up of roles, which are allocated to each user.  To enrich the application experience, user name, email and profile picture can also be provided.

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Workspaces are a grouping of various data elements that make up a set of resources. Using these resources, data from selected social and chat channels are captured and stored, ready for interaction and/or interrogation by a number of provided tools and visual components. 

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Application Exit


At the end of a busy day, it is recommended that the user logs out of the application. Not only does it provide a visual signal that the users has reached the end of their working day, but the application also gathers usage statistics that will be useful for workforce supervisors.


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